pHGcMaF 4 Months Treatment

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How to use pHGcMaF? What is in PHGcMaF?
Here is the shortest description Pure water that turns into an acid abstraction Regular water H2O (2) Hydrogen (1) missing oxygen 1 hydrogen Find and bind free hydrogen molecules stored in the body in your body. It becomes acidic You may notice that you have more frequent urination before drinking because you are returning to the water of the water you put into your urine or when you are stuck or hijacked, and in the end, many people are 3-6 years of pound reduction in weight in the first week. Unique production process includes heat magnetism and mineral buffers. but it is a non-hazardous, constant liquid pHGcMaF if you take the water in your skin, it does not hurt you PHGcMaF, like Lye or caustic soda, is a pure water that is converted to an acid eel even though it is more accurate. H2O 2 is hydrogen 1 is oxygen deficient 1 hydrogen molecule Inside, it finds and binds with free hydrogen molecules stored in the body which is acidic in it. Once you're pasted or defeated or kidnapped, you're back in H2O and you're out of control. For this reason, you may notice that you have been out of your mind more often than you had before you started drinking, so most people experience a 3-5 pound drop. The first week's weight! 1 ounces 1 quarts mix 32 oz. Aqua Tip Add 2 tablespoons in 1 ounce Keep concentrate and mixed water in a closed container, leave the mixed glass open for more than 30 minutes. For best absorption, before or after a meal for 30-45 minutes The first thing in the morning in an empty stomach is best For 16 pounds of ounces for every 50 lbs of weight. Extra extractions before and after heavy exercise and then for faster recovery

Why is acidity unhealthy?
Take a short list of things that cause acidity or hydrogen in your body Stress sugar fried foods, hydrogenated foods acidic drinks and many more! Think of PHGcMaF water as the opposite of all these bad things! Put acid on your body and get pHGcMaF Alkali Water! The free hydrogen in our bodies binds to the large pHGcMaF water super molecules and is then easily removed from the blood. As the hydrogen is attached and removed, the pH of the blood becomes more alkaline. Higher pH

pHGcMaF is easy to make water
When you mix with water, all you want to do is find free hydrogen and bind it. When free hydrogen is found, pHGcMaF becomes H2O water molecule again

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